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Thank you for your interest helping to make New Orleans a "heart safe community."  Together we will saves lives!

AED RECIPIENT agrees to the following:

  • Place / Install AED Wall Cabinet in a location that is easily accessible by the public (PAD)

  • Notify other nearby businesses of the accessibility of the AED at the recipient’s location

  • Agree to and schedule time for HBN to train key personnel in CPR/AED

  • Commit to uphold the mission of HBN by having future key personnel trained in CPR/AED

  • Develop an AED Program that includes internal procedures and accountability to maintain the AED with monthly checks and maintain the inspection tag according to the operational guidelines

  • Sign-Up for HeartSmartPro Management Program (unlimited subscription provided by HBN – sends reminders about monthly checks and battery/pad replacement to recipient)

  • Replace Pads and Battery every 4 years

  • Order from

  • Once AED has been donated, installed and training complete, Recipient agrees to take over all responsibility for the maintenance and management of their AED program

  • Coordination of follow-up and maintenance, especially in the event the AED is used in an emergency situation

  • When the AED is used, Recipient shall call 911 as soon as possible after the emergency use of the AED and shall assure that appropriate follow-up data is made available as requested by EMS or other healthcare providers

Louisiana Good Samaritan Law

A person who uses a defibrillator at the scene of an emergency and all other persons and entities providing emergency care are immune from civil liability for any personal injury that results from any act or omission in the use of a defibrillator in an emergency setting.

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